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Your favourite lip balms in teeny tiny sizes!

Fabulously nourishing, locks in moisture. 

Still 100% natural 100% handmade. 

Eco-friendly plastic-free packaging. You'll be surprised how long this little tin lasts. Pick from lavender, peppermint, citrus, vanilla and original if you can, or pick them all :)

Great for a little gift, a Thank you and all sorts of creative projects like homemade crackers, treasure trails, pass the parcel, let your imagination take you...

We can also personalise for Wedding Favours- please get in touch by emailing us at

5ml tin.

27mm across 15mm deep

Your favourite lip balms available in miniature!

Our hand-made Lip-Balms are a delight to use, but don't take our word for it, try them for yourself!

No petroleum jelly, no lanolins, no parabens, no chemicals at all in fact.

Made with organic shea butter, a little beeswax from the bees, essential oils and other high quality ingredients, these balms are super-nourishing leaving your lips smooth and conditioned.

Formulated for long-lasting hydration, this is as much a lip treatment as a lip balm.

With a dense texture that seals in moisture.

Great for sensitive skin.

Keep your lips soft supple and kissable all year round.

What our Customers say :

 “We are having these for our Wedding Favours, Brilliant idea! So excited!”  Katie W.

All our products are completely handmade from 100% natural ingredients, we use essential oils, never fragrances. All our products are physician-formulated and have been safety tested. All our products hold (CPSR) certificates required by law for selling cosmetic products in the EU. We are an eco-friendly company and use recyclable containers, so you can be assured that we are doing our best to support the bees and the planet.

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