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Treat your feet with this gorgeously fragranced balm that will boost even the most hard-working feet.

Now in a larger size.

A great gift.

Approx 30ml.

Take some time to pamper yourself!

The combination of high quality essential oils with almond oil, organic shea butter and beeswax make this balm a fantastic treatment for feet.

With a touch of peppermint, rosemary and a little tea tree lemon added for their anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities as well as to encourage circulation and healing, you'll soon have a spring back in your step.

This balm is made with super-nourishing organic shea butter, almond oil and beeswax and will leave your skin feeling conditioned and supple. Clients found this was really effective for cracked heals.

To use: For best results gently exfoliate first and apply overnight.

Approx 30ml.

Also available in a smaller 15ml size.

All our products are completely handmade from 100% natural ingredients, we use essential oils, never fragrances. All our products are physician-formulated and have been safety tested. All our products hold (CPSR) certificates required by law for selling cosmetic products in the EU. We are an eco-friendly company and use recyclable containers, so you can be assured that we are doing our best to support the bees and the planet.

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