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Protect & Repairs the Natural way.

Specifically formulated to encourage healing and promote repair of the skin whilst providing a breathable protective layer so are ready for whatever you need to do next.

Provided as a 'puck' for easy use.

With Tea tree and Lemon essential oils.

Presented in planet-friendly plastic-free packaging.

A best-seller on our Etsy shop, see what all the fuss is about- try it today!

A wax developed for hands that work hard.

Great for the Gym, Rowing, Golf, anyone whose hands are working hard.

Carefully formulated with a blend of waxes and other natural ingredients to protect and promote healing. We use beeswax for it's multitude of benefits including it's high levels of vitamin A, it's anti-inflammatory qualities and of course it provides a natural barrier, but in this hand wax we also add Carnauba wax, a tree wax that is the hardest wax known to man, so that your hands have a really good weather-proof protective layer, which is also breathable.

-Encourages healing and promote repair of the skin.

-Provides a breathable protective layer.

-With nourishing shea butter and vitamin E.

-Tea tree & lemon essential oils are included for their qualities rather than their scents- this is not a heavily scented wax.

Like all our products Gym wax is 100% natural & handmade.

  "Wonderful product! Smells absolutely amazing & feels lovely! The smell takes us back to a spa we visited in Sri Lanka- so we love it! My boyfriend is a personal training coach, he loves the wax & will put it to good use on his rough hands! Sustainable natural product that really works, what more can you want? Would definitely recommend! Thank you ” 

Catherine F

 My boyfriend has awful dry scabby hands from the gym so this was ideal... Love that it's a puck you rub round your hands rather than a runny solution you usually get, it smells lovely and so far working a treat. 100% recommend” 

Hannah C

To use: The wax is presented as a ‘Puck’. Tip the puck out of the tin and roll around in the palms of the hands to warm the wax and apply as needed. Use regularly for maximum benefit.

Approx 10g.

100% of profits go to Bee and pollinator projects in the UK. Another reason to smile today.

All our products are completely handmade from 100% natural ingredients, we use essential oils, never fragrances. All our products are physician-formulated and have been safety tested. All our products hold (CPSR) certificates required by law for selling cosmetic products in the EU. We are an eco-friendly company and use recyclable containers, so you can be assured that we are doing our best to support the bees and the planet.

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