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Eczema Bundle

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Eczema Bundle
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A special bundle for eczema and other dry skin conditions.


With the weather turning a little more wintry by the day it's time to pay a little more attention to our skin. These are excellent products to have at your fingertips:


Calendula balm15ml

Intensive Care Balm 15ml

Original Hand Salve 15ml


The perfect trio for treating excessively dry skin. Without Clinical Trials we can make no claims, but we can tell you that our Customers find these products excellent for cracked skin, eczema and chapped skin, and we invite you to try them too.

Three small tins for you to try at home. We recommend you read the blog 'hands, hands, hands' for more information. We suggest that you use the Original Salve day to day-- its' light and easily absorbed. The Calendula treatment balm is intended as a 'spot' treatment (pardon the pun) - so for areas of flare up for example, to sooth and repair. The intensive care treatment balm is a completely different texture, thick and almost solid. You'll need to scrape a little out with a finger nail and warm it a little before applying to the skin. But it does it's job. Lave it on overnight two or three night running and you'll start to see a difference. Redness quietening, dryness soothing.
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Flavour Original (fragrance free)
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