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BEE HOPEFUL letterbox gift

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A gift to bring hope. Wildflower seeds & our natural handmade salve Bee Happy, formulated with essential oils known to lift the mood. Sent in a handy box that'll slip through the letterbox so you know it'll be delivered whether your loved one has popped out or is in the garden. Send some Hope today!
Wildflower seeds & Bee Happy Aromatherapy Salve

Seeds always bring hope don't they? The way that dry little nugget turns into something lush & green, capable of feeding us- or at the least birds & bugs, seems quite amazing every time.

So plant some, and watch what happens. The salve that comes with this is infused with essential oils shown in scientific research to positively impact on the symptoms of depression, but science or no science, it smells wonderful. Enjoy!

Planting seeds always takes me back to spending time with my Grandfather at the Nursery in my childhood. It was a massive place- and not only because I was small. The greenhouses stretched for what seemed like miles. Every evening he walked through & if I was staying I was sometimes allowed to go too. It was often just as the sprinklers turned on and the smell of the damp earth was fantastic. He would stop & chat, or just nod or raise a hand. Most staff had gone home by that time of night. I longed to run under the staging & stamp in the small puddles, but instead I stayed quietly by his side, my hand in his, hoping I'd get to do it all again the next day.

The greenhouses are still there, all these years later. The growing takes place in a clever climate controlled facility up the road though. I bet it doesn't smell as good.

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