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Feel the love with this gorgeous collection designed to deliver a huge virtual hug.

Smooth on bee Calm & feel your shoulders drop. Try a little Good Night. ...Inhale.

Exhale & let the essential oils untangle the day you've had.

Envelope yourself in Bee Gentle after a soak in the bath. Then do what it says on the tin. Dr Lidstone's Support Me Gift Box includes:

- Bee Gentle Salve

- Bee Calm

- Good Night roller

Further details below.

Feel the Love

- Bee Gentle Salve 70g In aluminium tin.

- Bee Calm 15ml In aluminium tin.

- Good Night roller 10ml in glass with stainless steel rollerball.

Please recycle or return, we've only got one planet.

- Bee Gentle skin salve for sensitive skin

Smooth it on to nourish & condition, repair & protect. Light & quickly absorbed, this salve is easy to apply & can be used all over. It'll leave your skin feeling fabulous. Gently scented with lavender, for it's benefits rather than perfume.

- Bee Calm Aromatherapy Balm

A little tin of calm in this rush-around world.

A beautiful moisturising salve with a carefully balanced blend of rosewood and vetiver with a touch of ylang-ylang. Use on your pulse points or use as a regular skin salve. We love the scent and we think you will too. Pop it in your handbag or keep it on your night stand, whererever it is we think you'll be reaching for it- this one's addictive!

- Good Night Aromatherapy Roller

An intense pulse point therapy to prepare the mind and body for an undisturbed nights sleep. Formulated by our in-house physician Dr. Lidstone, this remedy is made with high quality natural ingredients including almond oil and a carefully balanced blend of Frankincense Bergamot and Vetiver essential oils.

Our Balms & salves are all created by Dr Lidstone, Happy Hive's founder, who after twenty years in the NHS uses her medical knowledge to formulate the balms and salves which are all handmade using high quality ingredients. All Happy Hive products are free from added chemicals, something that Dr Lidstone feels passionately about, and you'll notice they only contain a few ingredients-usually about 5- only what's necessary. If you compare that to the average skincare product- which contains 35 ingredients- that's quite a difference! Going chemical-free also means that Happy Hive products are suitable for very sensitive skin.

All our products are completely handmade in Wales by the Beekeepers at The Happy Hive from 100% natural ingredients, & we use essential oils, never fragrances.

All our products are physician-formulated and have been safety tested. All our products hold (CPSR) certificates required by law for selling cosmetic products in the EU.

We are an eco-friendly company and use recyclable containers, so you can be assured that we are doing our best to support the bees and the planet.

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