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Hello & Welcome to The Happy Hive

A tiny business with big ideas!

The world is a hectic place. It takes it's toll our on skin, our immune systems, our wellbeing as a whole. Here at The Happy Hive we are seeking to redress the balance. When we create a new product we start with the notion that we'd like it to contain just a few high quality ingredients, be handmade from start to finish, and contain no chemicals whatsoever. We carefully research, rigorously test and expertly blend each creation before it joins our collection. We believe in wellbeing through nature, do you?

Our Story

The Happy Hive was started in 2017 by Dr Lidstone- affectionately known as Lidi as a kitchen-table business. It began, like a lot of things a little bit by accident.

Lidi had worked as a Doctor in the NHS for all her life, and by 2015 was loving her job as a Consultant in Palliative Care for children and young adults transitioning to adulthood. She was the only person doing this job in Wales, and perhaps that’s why she was so desperate not to give it up, knowing as she did that she wouldn’t really be replaced for a while. But at the beginning of 2015 she had to stop work, and retire due to ill-health, much to her own disappointment. Lidi has a rare (really rare) heart & muscle disease and so it was that all good things must come to an end. And after a long lie down, a new beginning dawned.

Lidi will tell you that Beekeeping saved her sanity, and in a small way, it did. Losing a career you love and a role you have held for all your life is no small thing after all. Talking to the Bees, and making the balms and salves was a therapy of sorts, and over time it took on a life of it's own.

Being a Beekeeper is a wonderful thing, you meet some extraordinary people, and it’s an old-fashioned community, where everyone helps each other, which is rather wonderful in this day and age. Learning to be a Beekeeper takes a lifetime, but you can learn the basics over a few years. So with the help of a Beekeeping mentor called Dinah - who quite fabulously had been ‘The Bee Inspector’ for South Wales for about 20 years prior, Lidi learnt the ropes. Making the balms and salves came quite naturally – Lidi has always been a crafter and a maker, a zero-waste environmentalist, so when that first little bit of wax from the first hive appeared, the question was ‘what could it be turned into?’

The first salve was born, and Lidi’s scientific mind was sparked, and a smile returned to her face. The research started – there’s a lot of misinformation on the internet regarding formulations for balms and creams. However over the last few years Lidi has learned a huge amount about formulating, also about starting a small business, a lot about website building, and social media.

Our passion for natural skin care is innate. Lidi loves nothing better than a run of making new stock, with the beeswax melting and the aromatherapy oils blending, the smells are fantastic and a morning doing that fills up her well-being tank for at least a week or two! So the business is growing slowly, the Bees are busy doing their thing – and there’s never a dull moment Beekeeping, they may be tiny but they do keep us on our toes. It’s a Happy place to bee, The Happy Hive, and we hope you enjoy using the fruits of our labour.

The Happy Hive Team


Looking after you

Please let us know if you have any allergies ahead of purchasing so we can help you choose the best products for you. Our products are all made in-house by our own team, so we can be confident about ingredients and contamination. 

Looking After The Planet

Here at The Happy Hive we are trying hard to look after the environment our products are packaged in tin & glass and we try to keep away from plastic as much as possible. Our gift boxes are card and our outer layers for posting are bio-degradeable jiffy bags. We are more than happy to recycle any containers if you would like to return them. We have searched  & searched for pretty glass containers but we find there is an issue with the lids, which are often plastic or wood with plastic inserts. However the search continues! Happy Hive HQ is run with the help of solar & air source energy- every little bit helps!

Bee-spoke orders

We would be delighted to create something special for you, a new product or a product we have that you would like re-labelled for someone special- 'Tom's Stubble Salve'  'Kiss Me Kate'  'Rosie's Lip Balm'

Postage & Packing

Our postage & packing is £3.95 no matter how much you purchase.


We have complete confidence in our products, but if you are unhappy, we are unhappy- so please get in touch & we will sort out what ever the problem might be.


To reduce waste we generally produce three sizes of products, 15ml, 30ml and 70g. The tin sizes are (approximately) as follows- 15ml: 40mm x 16mm, 30ml: 55mm x 20mm and 70g 70mm x 25mm. 

Tins are filled by hand and whilst we have strict quality control every tin will be different, that is part of the charm of handmade products. 

Our Rollers are 10ml glass bottles approx 8.5cm tall & 2cm diameter.

Our Seed packets are approximately 90mm x 60mm.

Our Gift boxes are approimately 167mm x 167mm x 34mm.

We reserve the right to change sizes without notice. Sizes may vary.