The Atlantic Row & living the dream.

It’s International Womens Day next week and I am constantly amazed by the awesome women around me. What I have learnt over the years, is never underestimate yourself. So if you are sitting there with a cup of coffee and a dream, take a piece of paper and make a list of the steps you can take to move it forward. However small those steps might be, they are in the right direction. The Mothership team did that- on an ambitious scale and it took them on the adventure of a lifetime. Four mums rowed across the Atlantic ocean, and are now part of a very exclusive club because less than 100 women have done that before as an all female crew. Felicity contacted me last year for some advice back when they were starting their training, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Just four mums and a (big) dream. No massive team behind them, bit like The Happy Hive. I thought they might appreciate a bit of support so I became an official Sponsor for the team, working with them to find the most useful products and giving advice when required. The training provided a good product test ground, but the real time for testing obviously was 40 days at sea! How did they get on? They smashed it. The journey had it’s up and downs as you can imagine, but they were incredible. You can read all about it on their social media.

It's quite mind blowing really when you think about it. Four mums cooking fish fingers, like the rest of us one year, and then there they are in the middle of the Altantic, all alone, rowing day and night  in the challenge of a lifetime. All a little bit bonkers, but it shows you what can be done if you put your mind to it. 

How did the products stand up when tested through 3000miles of constant rowing?

This is what they said when they got home:

'The gym wax and Climbers Hand Wax were brilliant for conditioning our hands - making them tough to withstand 12 hours every day on the oars - but also soothing them as they inevitably became sore. During the row itself, the lovely, almost mousse-like barrier cream was used daily to help prevent and treat ‘spotty botty’ - a common ailment for ocean rowers. Over the course of the crossing our skin began to suffer from the relentless sun and salt water exposure, and the Intensive Care cream was ideal for nourishing broken skin. Storage on our boat was extremely limited so the compact pots were ideal for slipping into small pockets and spaces. I’m pleased to say our skin fared really well during the crossing and I’m sure it was in no small part due to the Happy Hive products.'

So the products stood up well, and I am delighted and more than a little proud. The tests in training were good, so we were optimistic, but honestly, none of us really had any idea since the longest row prior to the trip was 72hours straight.

Lots of teams have been in touch recently so I hope that helps you too, you are welcome of course to give me a ring if you need any advice, wishing you and all awesome women setting out on adventures however big or small lots of luck. Just take that first step.

Life is short, live it.