Simple Pleasures

I’m sitting outside my backdoor with a coffee.
The steam is rising from my cup & I can hear the birds who have like me had to shelter through the rain of the past 5 days, and the kids playing in the primary school next door.
The birds, the kids, and me, all finally released: It feels like it’s been raining for ever, and before the rain there was snow- although that feels like a distant memory now.
The kids are yelling. I imagine them on the other side of the hedge careering around, letting off steam. It’s their first day back, no wonder they sound so excited.
The garden has been quiet for so long, it’s brilliant to hear them again. I feel unexpectedly emotional. I wrap my hands around the cup & take a sip.
The coffee tastes different out here; maybe I drink it without thinking indoors. The birds are chirruping, chatting & singing - all sorts of different birds.
I wonder if we will ever untangle what it is they say to each other? I think in a way that would be a shame, wouldn’t it? Can you know too much?
All I know is that it is beautiful to listen to & when the world is what it is right now, nature can be the perfect tonic: Right here on my doorstep.
So I just sit & listen enjoying it all with my hot cup of coffee and the sun on my cheeks. It feels like spring is on the way.
Soon the bees will be flying & I will be starting to plant the first seeds of the season. I scan the garden for bees.
I listen hard for a distant buzz. None today. A little bit too cold. But soon. And for the first time in a long time I feel hopeful.