Hands, Hands, Hands!

My week at the pop-up shop in John Lewis was fabulous. Meeting Customers face to face again felt so good. Being able to chat about what you need was ‘an absolute bonus’ as one of my Customers said- but so many of you asked about products for hands last week I thought I’d talk about them today.


Sanitiser Hands

Oh! I saw too many of these! Dry palms and skin starting to crack. Whilst we are keeping ourselves safe our hands seem to be taking the brunt of it. So, what can we do? Plenty. 

  1. Bee Gentle hand & body- a light salve that can be applied several times a day, it absorbs quickly, is nourishing and will leave your hands feeling soft and conditioned. 
  2. Organic Barrier Cream – like an invisible glove, this provides a guard layer but also contains a good amount of organic shea butter so will moisturise too.
  3. Intensive Care treatment balm- bring out the big guns! This balm is the one of you have dry or cracked hands. Scrape a little from the tin with the back of your nail, smooth it on. And let it work it’s magic. Use it two or three times a day if your skin is in crisis, then just use at night. You won’t look back. 


Eczema Hands

When your skin reacts and dries out on a regular basis it needs gentle effective care. 

  1. Intensive Care treatment balm three times a day. Fragrance -free version also available. Every night apply a good amount and leave to soak in. 
  2. Organic Barrier Cream after hand washing- provides an invisible glove whilst also moisturising the skin.
  3. Tough hands: apply to finger tips where cracked to toughen and repair skin.


Rowers, Climbers, Tetrathlon-ers, Gym go-ers

The palms can take a battering when you get back to exercise. Blisters and rips can be problem and these products can help:

  1. Gym Wax & Climber’s Wax, Tough hands- this range contains carnauba wax, the hardest wax nature has to offer, cleverly blended with beeswax and oils that nourish and repair your skin whilst providing a substantial guard layer allowing you to get on with the next challenge. 
  2. Intensive Care Treatment Balm- it’s a go-to for dry or cracked skin, but it will soften not toughen, so choose where you put it. Great for healing sore skin though. 
  3. Balance- our grounding aromatherapy roller. Something to prepare you mentally for that race, or the rock face ahead. 


So you’ll see, the Intensive Care Treatment Balm pops up all the time and that’s because it really is the Hero product here,  it’s our best seller online and in face to face situations; and I think our new Intensive care for lips soon will be too, even though its only been out a few weeks you are loving it, and I am using it every night too and finding it lasts all the way through the night- fantastic!


If you have any questions or you’d like some help or advice about your own skin situation please feel free to email Dr.Lidstone at hello@thehappyhive.co.uk


Enjoy the Sunshine everyone!


Lidi & The Bees