Big News!

It’s a Red Letter Day here at The Happy Hive: today we became The Happy Hive Limited.
Although it’s only a change on paper it feels quite momentous. The Happy Hive is a tiny
company, but even as a one-woman business it’s important to have goals and dreams.

I dream big and for a while I’ve been thinking about giving back. I have made a decision and
had it written it into the Limited company paperwork: whilst most companies keep their
profits I’ve decided not to. The Happy Hive now has firm foundations to go forward as a
non-profit organisation supporting Bees and beekeeping projects in the UK, to try and make
sure that the honey bees are here for tomorrow.

Whilst I love blending the essential oils and researching formulae, it’s the beekeeping that
fascinates me the most. Obviously the bees are fundamental to our ecosystem and if I can
encourage young people and others to become involved in beekeeping, or increase
pollinator habitats those are things that I think are worth investing in.

The Happy Hive has come a long way over the last few years despite considerable
challenges and I am optimistic it will continue to grow. The products I make are great, I have
a good customer base (thank you lovely customers) and being scouted by John Lewis this
Spring was the icing on the cake.

Investing my profits in an ecosystem that needs help seems completely natural. You know
you’ve made the right decision when it makes you feel good don’t you? Well this one has
made me feel great. So when you buy from me, as opposed to another company, you will be
paying for Bee projects around the UK. Another reason to smile when you make a purchase.

Lidi & The Bees