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Our beeswax candles are a delight.

Each one is handmade & unique, releasing a subtle scent of beeswax as it burns, if you can bear to light it that is...

Handmade by the Beekeepers at The Happy Hive from 100% beeswax. These candles will give a beautiful atmospheric light to any room and release a gentle scent of beeswax as they burn. We take time to soak the natural cotton wicks in beeswax too to give the perfect burning experience. As an added bonus the burning beeswax candles cleans the air -unlike the burning of soy candles which pollutes the air. Well done Bees!

Candles are so relaxing, just what you need to bring you back down to earth after a stressful day, whether it's candles at the Dinner table to say 'This dinner is special' candles in the living room to say 'I want to spend some time with you' or in the bathroom to say 'This is my time to relax'. Sometimes it's good to turn off and take some time out. It would be our pleasure if we can help.

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