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A Sweetpea selection from The BeeKeepers at The Happy Hive

Spencer sweetpeas to give a glorious riot of colour & fabulous scent right through til autumn. Happy Gardening!

Everyone's favourite. Fabulous colour & scent, & a lovely cutting flower for the kitchen table or by the bed. There's nothing more cheerful than a bud or two of fresh flowers in the house & the smell of sweetpeas is a beautiful reminder that not everything in life needs to come from a bottle.

Instructions: Sow April/ May outdoors in a sunny spot or october- march undercover, two seeds to a pot. Pinch out the tips when plants have 4 pairs of leaves.

If sown late keep in a cool light place overwinter, Tie stems to a support as they grow. Keep picking flowers to encourage more. Let some seed set at the end of the season & save for next year in an old envelope- let the seed pod fully dry out first though. Don't forget to label it!

A word about seed balls: We are often asked why we don't sell seed balls- it's because they often don't really work, and they're not good for the planet or your pocket. We think they are a bit of a scam. The chances of seeds germinating from seed balls is very low so you are not getting value for money and neither is the planet by the time they have been made, packaged, transported etc. It's difficult for the seeds in a seed ball to get the right conditions for germination, the clay/earth needs to be not too compressed, the seed needs to get just enough water and warmth. So we say leave the seeds naked and let them do what they do best. You'll get a load more seeds this way too... Happy gardening!

There have been a lot of problems with imported seeds lately, people finding they are receiving 'free' seeds packets, seeds that are labelled as one thing and turn out to be another, and all sorts of other things. Seeds that are not native can cause serious environmental harm and importing seeds requires certification for this reason. We would like to reassure you that all seeds from the Happy Hive are native, and from reputable UK sources, so you can be sure that you are getting the best for your garden, the environment and the pollinators that we care so passionately about.

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